About Us


Love It? 

Hate It? 

Well, it does not matter because you are always gonna be around it.

Worldwide, dictionaries have restricted the definition of this word to a political slang describing attentiveness towards important societal facts and issues, BUT from our perspective, that definition does not do justice to the sanctity of the word itself. 

For us, understanding science is woke, climate change awareness is Woke, familiarity with legit tech inventions for a smoother lifestyle is Woke, scientific temperament is Woke and Woke is also analytical, critical, and logical thinking.
It is a nectar of liberty, equality, and fraternity topped with the hope of civilizational evolution.

Woketale intends to serve you this raw and unfiltered nectar in a digital pitcher, with the hope that one day, when civilization will be ready to move forward on the Kardashev scale, it will be consciously and curiously, WOKE.